Shipping information and delivery time

What is the mode of transportation of our products?

Most of our products will be delivered to you by DHL,We do not use unsafe and long transport cycles.

How will the product I purchased be packaged?

We will put your products in the special garment bag.

What is the freight charge?

All the dresses we offer will be delivered free of shipping,But the sexy lingerie line will be reasonably charged for transportation.The freight charges will be displayed on the website.

How long does the transport cycle take?

As long as you choose the size and color in the online store, we will deliver the goods according to the specified time and the delivery time will be 6-10 working days.

How will I track my shipping status?

We will send the tracking to you by mail once the product is mailed out,You can click the " inquire address " website to inquire about the transportation status of the products so as to get timely information.

How do you know about international transportation?

We have costs for international packages, so once the products are included in your country, the customer will pay the customs duties if they are incurred. Because we cannot control the local customs policies, we can try our best to avoid the customs duties on packages.